Design and Test of a Solanaceae Grafting Robot

Qun Sun*, Ying Zhao, Anfu Guo, Dongjie Zhao, Chong Wang
School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, Liaocheng University, Liaocheng, 252059, China

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A grafting robot based on cleft grafting method has been developed to improve efficiency of grafting solanaceae vegetables. This robot consists of four parts including a clamping manipulator and carrying, cutting, feeding mechanisms. These not only enable the robot to conveniently perform clamping, carrying, positioning, cutting, joining, and binding rootstock and scion, but also improve the grafting efficiency. The average success rates for cutting rootstock, cutting scion and conjugation are 98.7%, 99.0% and 59.6% respectively. The developed robot was able to perform steady operations, suggesting potential value for practical applications.

Keywords: Automatic grafting, cleft graft, grafting robot, solanaceae vegetable.