Micro Hybridized Auto-rickshaw for Bangladesh: A Solution to Green Energy Vehicle

Avijit Mallik*, Arman Arefin
Department of Mechanical Engineering, RUET, Rajshahi-6204, Bangladesh

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Auto rickshaws are compact, three-wheeled vehicles which are normally used altogether in numerous Asian nations (i.e. China, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and so forth) for transportation of people and products. The vehicles are little and have simple transportability in occupied Asian cities. In Bangladesh, auto rickshaws/simple bicycles regularly offer their taxi services, as they are fantastically reasonable to work. Simultaneously, these three-wheelers running on fuel cause extreme air-pollution and create impressive measures of greenhouse gasses (i.e. Carbon dioxide).


This paper introduces a transportation system in view of auto rickshaws that work in an eco-accommodating way. Existing vehicles are to be substituted by a small scale-cross sort framework overhauled in a way which helps the productivity of the vehicle.


A reviving foundation is suggested that will take into consideration the power-packs to be charged utilizing halfway energy, for example, solar energy. Necessary simulations had been done using MATLAB platform.


Results shows that the current vehicle and nature, in which it works, made a model of the vehicle and researched re-charging infrastructure prerequisites and plans. About 31% efficiency was observed.


The objective of the research introduced in this paper is to build up a conservative, vigorous and feasible fuel utilization system and deplete auto-rickshaws. In this research, 23% of grid power savings has been found.

Keywords: Solar power, Hybrid, Micro-hybrid, Auto-rickshaw, Environment friendly vehicle, Photovoltaics.