Controllable Magnetoactive Polymer Conduit

A. Diermeier1, D. Sindersberger1, L. Krenkel2, X. C. Rosell3, G. J. Monkman1, *
1 Mechatronics Research Unit, East Bavarian University of Applied Sciences Regensburg (OTHR), Seybothstr, Regensburg, Germany
2 Centre for Biomedical Engineering, East Bavarian University of Applied Sciences Regensburg (OTHR), Seyboth str, Regensburg, Germany
3 Universitat Polytechnicade Catalunya (UPC), Pl. Eusebi Güell, 6 08034 Barcelona

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Magneto-active Polymers (MAP) are smart materials whose mechanical characteristics, such as elastic and shear moduli, may be controllable by means of an externally applied magnetic field.


Various additives may be used to influence the characteristics of the polymer matrix whilst a suspension of soft and/or hard magnetic particles determine the magnetic properties of the composite. Both pre-cure and post-cure magnetization is possible.


A range of control strategies have been investigated for evaluation of the system using fluids of differing kinematic viscosity.


Depending on the degree of magnetic field homogeneity, magneto-deformation and magnetostriction contribute to MAP actuation. This paper presents a novel application in the form of a peristaltic MAP tube system, applicable to flow control and pumping of hemorheological fluids in blood circulatory systems for biomedical research purposes.

Keywords: Materials and Fabrication, Magneto-active Polymer, Magnetorheology, Magnetodeformation, Bio-medical, Artificial blood circulatory systems.