Design and Experiment of a Replant Crops Separating Garlic Harvester

Zhonglai Tian1, Ying Zhao1, Yongxiang Sui1, Jialin Hou2, *, Qun Sun1, Chong Wang1, Zhenyou Wang1, Ling Zhao1
1 School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Liaocheng University, Liaocheng, China
2 School of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering, Shandong Agricultural University, Tai'an, China

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Garlic is one of the main economic crops in China and the planting area is increasing quickly. But the harvest process of the garlic mainly relies on manual digging, resulting in low harvest efficiency and high cost.


In order to improve the efficiency of garlic harvest, and achieve the mechanization of garlic harvest. The study presents a new design of a garlic harvesting machine that can perform automatic processing and deal with the issue of garlic harvesting.


Firstly, the three-dimensional model of the whole machine and the key mechanism is established and the parameters of the system are calculated by theoretical calculation. Then, the simulation be made and the design be optimized. Finally, the design was processed into a product. It employs an isolation mechanism and positioned cutting mechanism to isolate garlic and crop stubbles and keep the length of the remaining garlic straw consistent.


The results of field harvest experiments show that the miss digging rate, miss cutting rate and injury rate of the harvester are as low as 1.23%, 3.13% and 0.68% respectively, and the harvest efficiency is 0.06km2/h.


The advantages of the harvester such as high harvesting rate, low damage rate, strong adaptability and high versatility, effectively improve the working efficiency, reduce the labor intensity and the harvest cost.

Keywords: Agriculture, Harvester, Garlic, Isolation mechanism, Stubble separation, Limit cutting mechanism.