The Efficient and Tentative Model for Extenics Replications of the Moveable Robots

Koram Samuel Sakyi*, Jian-Fei Lu
School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Jiangsu University, PO box 321, Zhenjiang, China

© 2019 Sakyi and Lu.

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On the most elementary level, you and I (human beings) were created with five main mechanisms (or parts):

• A body which is termed as the main structure of the human being.

• A sensory system that takes certain information around the body and the immediate environment.

• A muscle system to aid the body move easily.

• A control base to trigger the muscles and sensors.

• A brain system that develops sensory data and tells the muscles what to do in other words the way forward.

Obviously, we likewise have some imperceptible qualities, for example, intellect and ethics, among others but on an absolute corporeal level. Robots, on the other hand, can be created with five main mechanisms or more.


This research aims at implementing robots in some tedious jobs that as supposed to be executed by human beings in various factories and industries. This study also presents the practical and tentative model for Extenics replications of the moveable mechanical device (robot) useful on VIPRO stage.


Momentary antiquity and indication of the pertinent hypothetical ideas are provided. The intelligent boundary for drawn-out switch uses a novel element for synthetic intelligence which is drawn-out control (Extenics) to expand DHFPC switch rapid enactment of mobile robots.


Applying Extenics specific methods and application in vague interplanetary result in a novel, advanced application for the VIPRO stage which can be used to feign and device innovative switch approaches of moveable robots.

Keywords: Extenics control, Intelligent switch boundaries, Tracking curve switch, Clashing glitches, Robots, VIPRO stage.