Research on the Inner Wall of the Blind Hole Drilling Device

Lin Zhu, Wei Huang*
College of Mechanical Engineering, Xi`an Shiyou University, Xi`an 710065, China

© 2014 Zhu and Huang

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This article describes the structure and working principle of the blind hole drilling device through application in the production practice proving its feasibility. At present, electrical discharge machining and welding method are commonly used to solve the problem. However, these methods have low processing efficiency, low manufacturing precision and high cost defect. This paper developed an inner wall of the blind hole drilling device, similar to stand-alone machine accessories and adopted the bevel gear transmission which can directly be mounted on vertical or horizontal milling machine, completing the processing operations in few minutes. This device not only has high processing efficiency and accuracy, but it also greatly reduces the production cost.

Keywords: Blind hole drilling, Drilling, Inner wall of the blind hole, Structural design, XA6132 Horizontal milling machine, Transmission mode.