Research on Urban Rail Train Passenger Door System Fault Diagnosis Using PCA and Rough Set

Lin Shuai1, Jia Limin*, 1, Qin Yong1, Yu Bo2, Wang Yanhui1
1 Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, 100044, China
2 Locomotive and Car Research Institute, China Academy of Railway Sciences, Beijing 100081, China

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Train passenger door is the key system for operation and maintenance of urban rail train. In this paper, working process of the passenger door system of urban rail train is analyzed and the mathematical model is established. Firstly, the method of parameter estimation is used to obtain physical parameters of doors in different working conditions. Then fault diagnosis experiment is carried out on train passenger door with principal component analysis and rough set theory. In the end, fault diagnosed accuracies under different time settings of opening and closing profiles with the test rig are verified.

Keywords: Door control system, Fault diagnosis, Principal component analysis (PCA), Rough set.