Modified Perona-Malik Equation and Computer Simulation for Image Denoising

Zheng Jian Feng*, 1, Huang Chengwei2, Zhang Ji1
1 Changzhou University, Chang Zhou, 21300, China
2 Soochow University, Suzhou, 21500, China

© 2014 Feng et al

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The edges and textures of a digital image may be destroyed by traditional denoising methods, which is a difficult problem in image denoising. In this paper, anisotropic diffusion algorithm based on Partial differential equation is studied. First, image denoising algorithms based on Perona-Malik model are studied. Second, a modified Perona-Malik model is proposed. In the proposed model, the gradient statistic and edge thresholds are embedded into the Perona-Malik equation. Finally, the effects of this model and some other models are compared and analyzed. The experimental results show that the proposed modified Perona-Malik model outperforms the original Perona-Malik model in removing Gaussian noise, and the edges and textures of the image are well preserved.

Keywords: Computer simulation, Image denoising, Partial differential equation, Perona-Malik model.