Position Accuracy Analysis on Disc Storing Mechanism for Benthic Drill

Y. Guo*, 1, 2, Y. P. Jin1, M. Jiang1, B. W. Luo1
1 Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Health Maintenance for Mechanical Equipment, Hunan University of Science and Technology, HuNan Xiangtan 411201, China
2 Key Laboratory of Lightweight and Reliability Technology for Engineering Vehicle, Education Department of Hunan Province, Changsha University of Science & Technology, HuNan Changsha 410004, China

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The positional accuracy of disc storing mechanism for benthic drill is the guarantee of long hole coring in deep sea. Aiming the lack of positional accuracy analysis on disc storing mechanism, the mathematic model of the positional accuracy for disc storing mechanism is presented by using complex vector and matrix analyzing method. The analytical formula of crank rotation positional accuracy is acquired through rotation positional analysis of crank in disc storing mechanism driven by hydraulic cylinder. Adopting numerical nonlinear iteration solution method of Newton-Simpson, the variation rule of rotation positional error for disc storing mechanism to cylinder length is acquired, which supports an important theory, leading to tolerance design for dimensional parameters of disc storing mechanism.

Keywords: Benthic drill, complex vector, disc storing mechanism, Newton-Simpson, positional error.