Calculation of Static and Dynamic Characteristics for Fuel Consumption Regulator in Aircraft Engines, Taking into Account the Hydrodynamic Force

Asgat G. Gimadiev*, 1, Nikolay I. Kluev2, Dmitry M. Stadnikv1
1 Samara State Aerospace University, 443086, Samara, Russia
2 Samara State University, 443011, Samara, Russia

© 2014 Gimadiev et al

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the description of hydrodynamic force calculation methodology on the differential fuel consumption (thrust) control valve in aircraft engines (AE) by the software package ANSYS. The dependences of hydrodynamic forces on the fluid flow rate are developed through the triangular windows and the position of the differential pressure valve plug. The static and dynamic characteristics of the draft controller were calculated in the software package MATLAB/SIMULINK, taking into account the hydrodynamic force on the differential valve for different diameters of a damping jet. The possibility of the draft controller developed model use is specified at the calculation of AE dynamic characteristics.

Keywords: AE, calculation, differential valve, fuel consumption controller, graphic dependences, hydrodynamic force, static and dynamic characteristics.