Dynamic Analysis on Nonlinear Fluid-Structure Interaction Forces of Rub-Impact Rotor System

Yuegang Luo*, Songhe Zhang, Bin Wu, Wanlei Wang
College of Electromechanical & Information Engineering, Dalian Nationalities University, Dalian, 116600, China

© 2014 Luo et al

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Based on the coupling model of nonlinear oil-film force and nonlinear seal fluid force, a nonlinear dynamic model of rotor system with rub-impact fault is set up. The dynamic characteristics of the system were studied with numerical simulation and the effects of airflow excited force, rubbing gap and stiffness parameters on movement characteristics of the rotor were analyzed. The results indicate that the airflow excited force can significantly restrain the stability and amplitude of rubbing rotor. The less rubbing gap and larger rubbing stiffness are in favor of the stability of the system.

Keywords: Airflow excited force, bifurcation, nonlinear fluid-structure interaction, rotor system, rub-impact.