Numerical Simulation of Middle Thick Plate in the U-Shaped Bending Spring Back and the Change of Thickness

Jianhua Ren*, 1, Xiaogang Guo2
1 Hebei University of Engineering, Hebei, Handan, China
2 Beijing Vertical and Horizontal Electrical and Mechanical Technology Development Company, Beijing, China

© 2014 Ren and Guo

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In this paper, the typical U-shaped pieces were taken as the object of study and the finite element numerical simulation software Dynaform is applied to simulate the effect of sheet metal bending. The U-shaped bending spring back and its thickness change are analyzed. The influence law of main parameters of die structure to sheet thickness change and the spring back amount are obtained by combining with the orthogonal analysis method. Finally a set of the optimal parameter combination is found, the spring back of U-shaped piece and the change of the thickness are controlled in a reasonable range.

Keywords: Middle thick plate, orthogonal analysis, U-bend.