Research on Magnetic Valve Structure Optimization of Magnetic Controlled Reactor

Xiangzheng Xu*
Department of Electronics Engineering, East China Jiao-Tong University, Nanchang, 330013, China

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This paper analyzes the power loss of magnetically controlled reactor based on the basic theory of the electromagnetic field. In a variety of magnetic valve structure models as the object, physical simulation models of the reactor are built. Using Ansoft Maxwell simulation software, various magnetic valve structures of the reactor are studied by the analysis of the magnetic valve type reactor core and coil power loss. The simulation results show that the reactor’s magnetic field distribution of the multistage magnetic valve structure is uniform, and inhibition effect of edge effect is obvious. The reactor power loss of multistage magnetic valve structure is least. Core loss is 47.6% lower than a single stage magnetic valve reactor, and coil eddy current loss is 62.9% lower than that of single stage magnetic valve reactor.

Keywords: Magnetic valve structure, Magnetically controlled reactor, Power system, Eddy current losses, MCR.