Based on the Structural Mechanics of Dump Truck Chassis Frame of Design Improvement

ZhanGuo Wei, ZhuoXian Zhou
Central South University of Forestry & Technology, Hunan, 410004, China

© 2014 Wei and Zhou

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EQ3090 dump truck in the basis of EQ1090 modification and become, the chassis choose EQ1090 chassis. The modification of the main frame, including the main frame of the drilling and welding, the main frame of extension design, main frame of reinforcing plate design. Auxiliary frame modified, include the auxiliary frame of the cross section shape and size, reinforcing plate decorate, deputy frame front shape and installation location, rail and beam connection design, auxiliary frame and the main frame connection design, and finally, the auxiliary frame in intensity. The refit vehicle meet the using performance and achieve the anticipated goal.

Keywords: Dump truck, strength calculation, structural mechanics.