Co-Simulation Study for Fuzzy ESP Control Strategy on Vehicle

Shengqin Li*, Li Zhao, Chunbo Yang
Traffic College, Northeast Forest University, Harbin, 150040, China

© 2014 Li et al

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ESP can help the road vehicle to improve driving dynamics and prevent accidents which result from loss of control. Based on the theory and account method of Multi-body System Dynamics, the Multi-body System Dynamics model of an A-class car is built by the ADAMS/Car software, which includes steering system, front and rear suspension, braking system, body, and so on. In order to study the handling stability of vehicle with ESP control system, the vehicle yaw rate is set as the controlling aim, to build the fuzzy controller of ESP. The performance evaluation methods of vehicle with ESP are proposed to evaluate the handling stability of vehicle with ESP. The results show that the vehicle with ESP can keep the right path, the yaw rate and the vehicle slip angle is all controlled better. The handling stability of vehicle can be improved.

Keywords: Simulation, ESP, fuzzy control, intelligent transportation, co- virtual prototype.