Integrated Durability of Automobile Alternator Test System Design Based on LabVIEW

Wu Weibin1, Feng Yue1, Du Junyi1, Xu Pengbo1, Feng Yunlin1, Hong Tiansheng*, 1, Chen Jiewei1, Liu Luoshi2
1 Key Laboratory of Key Technology for South Agricultural Machine and Equipment, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou510642, China
2 TRIV Electronics Company, Guangzhou 510641, China

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New standards in the automotive industry highlighted the situation of the actual operation of the alternator and a variety of harsh environment simulation limit test. Using new standards in the automotive industry as a guide, this article presents a virtual instrument based on the durability of automobile generator integrated test system. The design adopt virtual instrument technology in designing the system, Graphic language, LabVIEW is applied in writing measure-control program. The system uses a lot of features on LABVIEW, including Data acquisition, control of serials port, etc. Test implementation uses the host computer via RS232 and RS485 communication port and the data acquisition card, NI PCI- 6221, to control the frequency hybrid motor, temperature control box, electronic loads and other intelligent devices, and to simulate a variety of automotive alternator working conditions and real-time monitoring to monitor the status of generators. Using this system, two separate automobile alternators can be tested in terms of high-speed vehicle impact and high temperature durability test and electrical performance test and other tests at the same time. As a result, the generator speed measurement error is within 1%, the control error is within 2%, voltage and current measurement errors were within 0.5% and 0.4%, which meets the requirements.

Keywords: Automobile alternator, data-acquisition, electrical characteristics, LabVIEW, test, Integrated durability.