Mechanism of Embankment Reinforced with Back Berm in Road Engineering

Wang Qi-Hu*, 1, 2
1 The Key Laboratory of Urban Security and Disaster Engineering, Ministry of Education, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100124, China
2 Gansu Province Transportation Planning, Survey & Design Institute CO., LTD, Lanzhou, Gansu 730030, China

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Based on the nonlinear finite element method, the mechanism of embankment reinforced with back berm in road engineering reinforced has been studied. It is found there is almost no influence on the value of vertical settlement at the scope of original embankment by back berm. Only the vertical settlement under the location of back berm has been influenced lightly by back berm. The lateral displacement of embankment could be reduced or restrained by back berm. The stability of embankment enhanced when width of back berm enlarged. But the stability of embankment would not be increased any more when the width of back berm achieved its boundary value, so the width of back berm should not be bigger than the boundary value. The stability of embankment enhanced when the value of cohesion or internal friction angle of back berm increased. So rock and soil with big cohesion and internal friction angle should be used to fill back berm preferentially.

Keywords: Back berm, lateral displacement, vertical settlement.