Study on Fluid-Structure Interaction for the Multistage High Speed Centrifugal Pumps Rotors

Tian Yabin*, 1, Wang Jing2, Wang Liang1
1 School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Southwest University of Science and Technology, MianYang, Postcard: 621010, China
2 Jinchuan Group Co., LTD., Jinchuan 737100, China

© 2014 Yabin et al

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In the designing process of high-speed multistage centrifugal pump, in addition to the hydraulic characteristics, the calculation problem of the axis of wet critical speed is the emphasis of concern. On the base of the finite element model of the "dry" state rotor dynamics, when the flow force play a individual role in physical separate discs and cylinder, resistance formula is derived. Establish the "wet" mode of motion equation of rotor disc and shaft section, then integrate the flow force into the motion equation of the whole system unit, we can find the fluid-solid coupling finite element model of the rotor dynamics. Write the calculation procedure with ANSYS APDL language, and the analysis and testing of fluidsolid coupling dynamics program to an actual high-speed multistage centrifugal pump rotor system is done.

Keywords: Fluid-structure interaction, multistage centrifugal pump, rotor dynamics.