The Flow Noise Characteristics of a Control Valve

Xin Nie*, Yangyang Zhu, Lei Li
Mechanical Engineering Institute, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou 310018, Zhejiang Province, China

© 2014 Nie et al

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Using the enterprise’s valve as the research object, the research studied the characteristics of the flow field and noise of the valve. The theory of (LES) LES and Lighthill acoustic analogy is applied to study the flow noise at 100% opening and at 70% opening of valve in the same flow. The result shows that the region of variation of pressure and velocity is in the valve sleeve window. The sound pressure spectrum characteristics of the same group of monitoring points were similar, when they were in low frequency. Acoustic pressure amplitude was observed to be relatively small, when monitoring points were in high frequency. When the valve opening decreased, because of the throttle effect of valve windows, the whole dB SPL of valve became strong. The noise outside the valve exhibited dipole characteristics.

Keywords: Acoustic analogy theory, Enterprise’s valve, Flow noise, LES, Spectrum characteristic.