Residual Static Strength of Tubular T-Joints with Fatigue Surface Cracks

Sheng-zhi Song1, Jian-Jun Wei*, 2
1 Department of Construction Engineering, Changzhou Institute of Engineering Technology, 213164, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
2 R&D Centre of Jiangsu Construction Safety and Disaster Mitigation, Jiangsu Jianzhu Institute, Xuzhou, 221116, China

© 2015 Wei and Song

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To study the influence of surface fatigue cracks on the static strength of circular tubular T-joints, experimental tests on four full-scale circular tubular T-joints are carried out. Firstly, surface fatigue cracks are prefabricated by fatigue test in three circular tubular T-joints. Thereafter, experimental tests on the static strength of all the circular tubular T-joints with and without fatigue cracks under axial tension are carried out. Through the comparative analysis, the influences of the fatigue crack on the failure mode and the static strength of circular tubular T-joints are concluded.

Keywords: Experimental study, fatigue surface cracks, residual static strength, tubular T-joint.