Improving Vehicle Detection Accuracy Based on Vehicle Shadow and Superposition Elimination

Hongjin Zhu*, 1, Honghui Fan1, Feiyue Ye1, 2, Xiaorong Zhao1
1 School of Computer Engineering, Jiangsu University of Technology, Changzhou, 213001, China
2 Key Laboratory of Cloud Computing & Intelligent Information, Changzhou, 213001, China

© 2015 Zhu et al

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Vehicle shadow and superposition have a great influence on the accuracy of vehicles detection in traffic video. Many background models have been proposed and improved to deal with detection moving object. This paper presented a method which improves Gaussian mixture model to get adaptive background. The HSV color space was used to eliminate vehicle shadow, it was based on a computational colour space that makes use of our shadow model. Vehicle superposition elimination was discussed based on vehicle contour dilation and erosion method. Experiments were performed to verify that the proposed technique is effective for vehicle detection based traffic surveillance systems. Detection results showed that our approach was robust to widely different background and illuminations.

Keywords: Dilation and erosion, gaussian mixture, HSV color space, shadow and superposition, vehicle detection.