Research on the Impact of Honeycomb Sandwich Plates at Natural Frequency Changed with Geometric Parameters

Xiaoman Liu1, Guojun Du1, *, Xiaoxia Niu2
1 College of Civil Engineering & Mechanics, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao, China
2 College of Information and Technology Engineering, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao, China

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In this paper, in order to find the impact of sandwich plates at natural frequency changed with its geometric and physical parameters, we deduced free vibration equation derived sandwich panels. We took the hexagonal honeycomb sandwich plates as example, and derived natural frequencies for each for use in the modeling and modal analysis, and then discussed the effect of skin thickness, core spacing and core height on the natural frequency of honeycomb sandwich plates. The result shows that the honeycomb sandwich plates have great rigidity, and compared to other parameters, the change of core height has a greater impact on the natural frequencies of honeycomb sandwich plates. When the surface thickness of quadrilateral honeycomb sandwich plates becomes thicker, its natural frequency increases with increasing length of core grid. When sandwich mesh length reaches a certain level, the natural frequency increased firstly and then decreased. When the sandwich mesh length is longer enough, the frequency decreased with the increase in the length. When the core height increased, the natural frequency increased. When the quadrilateral mesh becomes longer, its natural frequency appears to decline after the initial increase. The influence of geometric parameters on hexagonal honeycomb sandwich plates is same as on quadrilateral honeycomb and other soft sandwich plates. Later experiments confirmed some of above conclusions.

Keywords: ANSYS, geometric and physical parameters, honeycomb sandwich plates, modal, natural frequency.