The Research and Application of MRF Magnetic Circuit Design

Yuan Shu*, Ren Hongjuan , Luo Yiping
Faculty of Automotive Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering and Science, Shanghai, 201620, P.R. China.

© 2015 Shu et al

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In this paper, the lord magnetic field of MRF and its circuit design are mainly expounded, according to the loading ways of magnetic field and the magnetic circuit design plans of magneto-rheological fluid devices at present, the general form and characteristics are summarized. In addition, a kind of magneto-rheological fluid dynamometer is proposed in this paper, in terms of its magnetic circuit structure, a magnetic-field-lord test bench about magnetorheological fluid is designed; a preliminary theoretical research is also given in order to improve the performance of magneto-rheological fluid dynamometer.

Keywords: MRF , magnetic circuit design , magnetizing coil .