Study on the Heat Transfer Characteristics Performed in the Infrared Thermography Detection of Welded Structure

Zhiping Liu , Xingle Liu*, Lei Jiang , Ge Lu , Huilong Liu
School of Logistics Engineering, Wuhan university of technology, Wuhan, 430063, P.R. China.

© 2015 Liu et al

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During the weld defect detection, the heat transfer characteristics are closely related to the material properties of welded structure. Based on the electromagnetic induction infrared thermography technology, the heat transfer Characteristics of the welded material are studied with the changing temperature. By using the finite element analysis software COMSOL, the eddy current density and temperature distributions and the law of thermal diffusion were analyzed which provide a reference for the study of heat transfer characteristics of weld defects. The internal temperature dynamic changes of the weld with surface crack or near-surface crack were also discussed. The appropriate time to observe and the key defect location on the steel obtained from the heat conduction process can be applied to the development of heat transfer characteristic analysis for steel weld and weld defects detection.

Keywords: Electromagnetic induction , heat transfer characteristics, simulation analysis, the material properties , welded structure.