Experimental Investigations of Cold Flow Mass Distribution and Pressure Drop Characteristics in a Structured Honeycomb Monolith Bed

Mingming Mao, Yongqi Liu*, Ruixiang Liu, Bin Zheng, Jian Meng
School of Transportation and Vehicle Engineering, Shandong University of Technology, Zibo 255049, China.

© 2015 Mao et al

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The thermal flow reversal reactor (TFRR) and catalytic flow reversal reactor (CFRR) can utilize the ventilation air methane (VAM) from coal mines effectively. The initial cold feed flow mass distribution uniformity in the monolith oxidation bed, the critical part of both reactors, has a great influence on the stability of methane oxidation process and conversation rate. So the emphases are put on the experimental investigations of the cold flow mechanics in the monolith bed based on a simplified reactor test rig. Firstly, the flow resistance coefficients of the monolith bed were calculated, and then the flow resistance mathematical model was built. It was found that the flow mass distribution uniformity was affected by the pressure drop distribution in the monolith bed, and obviously decreased with increasing inlet velocity. The pressure drop distribution was analyzed through a modified momentum equation. The total pressure loss in the lower header was evidently higher than that in the upper header or monolith bed. Additionally, the local losses at the inlet and outlet of the monolith bed were small, so they could be ignored. Finally, the formula of total pressure losses under different flow conditions was established based on the simplified reactor test rig.

Keywords: Flow mass distribution uniformity, flow mechanics, flow reversal reactor, monolith oxidation bed, pressure drop, ventilation air methane.