Multi Tooth Uneven Cutting Behavior of High-speed Milling Cutter and Criterion for Milled Surface Topography

Jiang Bin*, Yao Guisheng, Zhang Shuai, Xu Tong
National & Local United Engineering Laboratory of High Efficiency Cutting and Tools, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin, Heilongjiang, 150080, P.R. China

© 2015 Bin et al

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With the cutting model of high-speed milling cutter in vibration condition, milling cutter vibration and effect of tooth error on cutting parameter are researched and high-speed milling cutter multi tooth uneven cutting behavior characterization methods are proposed. Use of high speed milling cutter cutting experiments and simulation results of surface topography, processing surface morphology characteristic parameters of cutter multi-tooth uneven cutting behavior response characteristics are revealed under the influence of milling cutter vibration and error, surface topography criterion is established in the cutting behavior of high speed milling cutter with multi-tooth, judgment method of multitooth uneven cutting behavior of high speed milling cutter with multi-tooth is proposed. Use the above criteria and evaluation method, reveal the formation mechanism of multi tooth uneven cutting, proposed compensation method of multi tooth uneven cutting behavior of high-speed milling cutter and do an experiment to verify the method.

Keywords: High-speed milling cutter, vibration, multi tooth cutting, uneven cutting behavior, milled surface topography.