Process Design Method of High Speed and Stable Cutting Hardened Steel

Jiang Bin*, Zhang Minghui, Xu Tong, Zhang Wei
School of Mechanical Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Heiliongjiang, Harbin, 150080, P.R. China.

© 2015 Bin et al

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In view of the unstable cutting problem in the process of high speed milling hardened steel. Conduct experiment of the stability of machine tool and high speed milling cutter. The machine tool spindle vibration spectrum and vibration acceleration signal under the condition of different centrifugal force were detected. Obtained the critical speed of security and stability cutting of milling cutter and machine tool spindle. Through the experiment of concave and convex surface of hardened steel high speed milling, obtained the vibration characteristic of machine tool spindle and the shape characteristic of machined surface of hardened steel concave and convex surface. Comparative analysis the experimental results of milling cutter free running and milling hardened steel under the same speed condition. Recognizing the significant effect of inherent vibration characteristics of machine tool to the stability of the hardened steel high speed milling. With the aim of achieving stable and efficient cutting of hardened steel, put forward process design method of high speed milling hardened steel. Using this process design method, obtained the process scheme of high efficient and stability cutting hardened steel die. Process validation results show, the stability of the high speed milling concave convex die of hardened steel improved over 33%.

Keywords: Cutting stability, hardened steel, high speed milling, vibration of machine tool, vibration of milling cutter.