Research on the Three Dimensional Detection Technology for Magnetic Sheet in Industrial Production

Wenbo Zhang, Chuo Yang, Yongxin Feng*, Deyu Zhang
School of Information Science & Engineering, Shenyang Ligong University, 110159, Liaoning, China

© 2015 Zhang et al

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This study proposes a three-dimensional size detection system for inerratic magnetic sheets according to specific size parameter requirements, such as the volume of the industrial micro magnetic sheet. Based on the noise interference generated by the corresponding detection environment of the magnetic sheet, a hybrid filtering method for the inerratic magnetic sheet is also proposed here, which effectively implements denoising filtering. In the image edge detection module, the edge detection operator most suitable for detecting image edge extraction is selected, and in order to realize the inerratic shape detection in Hough transform, the measurement function of size parameters (including the top surface radius, tilt angle of the profile and top surface, profile thickness, and volume) for the micro cylinder magnetic sheet are designed and implemented. Measurement data, gathered through repeated experiments, builds a more effective detection system for magnetic sheet size than traditional methods at the millimeter level.

Keywords: Edge detection, Edge extraction, Magnetic sheet, Hough transform, Hybrid filtering, Three-dimensional size detection..