Study on the Design Method of Impeller on Low Specific Speed Centrifugal Pump

Jianhua Liu*, 1, Xiangyang Zhao2, Miaoxin Xiao1
1 Mechanical Engineering Institute, Xinxiang University, Eastern Jin Sui avenue , Xinxiang 453003, China
2 Department of Automobile Engineering, Henan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College, Ping Yuan Rd.Xinxiang 453003, China

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In this work, the comparative study has been done for five kinds of design methods of the low specific speed centrifugal pump impeller adopted numerical simulation method by software of Fluent, so that the problems can be solved. Many different design methods exists for the low specific speed centrifugal pump impeller, which caused the design effect difficult to control. The numerical simulation method based on the Reynolds time averaged N-S equations (RANS) and RNG κ-ε turbulence models. Results revealed the inner flow pattern of these impeller, and these results were verified by external characteristic experiment. The research results showed that the design method, which adopted compound impeller with short blades and these short blades turned to the suction surface of long blades. Results proved that its flow distribution is even and external characteristic curve is more ideal.

Keywords: Design method , impeller, low specific speed centrifugal pump, numerical simulation.