Reformation and Commissioning Research on Closed-Loop Control of Y Axis CNC Milling Machine

Tang Guolan*, 1, Wu Yunzhong2
1 Guangdong Songshan Polytechnic College, Shaoguan, Guangdong, 512126,P.R. China
2 Shaoguan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd, Shaoguan, Guangdong, 512123,P.R. China

┬ę 2015 Guolan and Yunzhong

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Considering its working stability, semi-closed loop control is usually used in middle - grade CNC machine tool. But in the control´╝îprocessing quality and machining precision are seriously affected by wear, hot variant, screw error and backlash of machine driven system. In order to improve them, reformation processing on closed-loop of Y axis in THWMZT-1B CNC milling machine is introduced, such as connecting and installing hardware, setting parameters and backlash compensating. After commissioning it is satisfying that repeated positioning accuracy can reach 0.001mm.

Keywords: Backlash compensating, Closed-loop control, Grating scale, Parameter, Speed control, Current control.