Study on Training System and Continuous Improving Mechanism for Mechanical Engineering

Guojin Chen*, Jianhui Zhang
Mechanical Department, Hangzhou Dianzi University, No. 2 Road, Hangzhou, 310018, China.

Chen and Zhang

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In view of the Zhejiang province industry characteristics and the demand for talents in the field of mechanical engineering, combined with the advantages, the orientation for training talent with the coordinated development of "knowledge, ability and quality" is put forward. This paper analyzes the training target and plan in mechanical engineering, sets the practice links to enhance the students’ engineering consciousness, practical ability and innovation ability, and establishes quality monitoring and evaluation system. On the basis of the intelligent manufacturing system, the intelligent plant experimental system based on industry 4.0 is developed. Taking the training target as the starting point, the complete system with the closed loops is formed, which is composed of students, graduation requirements, continuous improvements, curriculum programs, and supporting conditions. A mechanism for continuous improvement is developed, due to which a healthy cycle comes into being. Therefore the quality of engineering education can be greatly improved.

Keywords: Continuous improving mechanism, mechanical engineering, quality monitoring and evaluation, training system.