Warning of Potential Collision for Vehicles

Huang Yue*, Qin Gui He, Liu Tong, Sun Ning, Wang Xiao Dan
College of Computer Science and Technology/Center for Computer Fundamental Education, Jilin University, Changchun, China

© 2015 Yue et al

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A moving vehicle may very likely run into accidents. The occurrence rate of accidents would be largely reduced if the driver is warned in advance, even only 0.5 s earlier. For a running vehicle, the driving route within short time before collision has the characteristic of Markov. In this case, the coordinates of position only have to be considered within a short range, rather than the running status during the past long period. Within short period before collision, the driving route can be basically divided into two states: a straight line and a binomial curve. In this paper, a mechanism is proposed for sending collision warning messages to running vehicles.

Keywords: Curve fitting, collision, dissemination, emergency warning, VANET.