The Relationship Between Moment and Curvature and the Elastic-Plastic Seismic Response Analysis of High Pier Section

Jinxue Jun*, 1, Wanggen Hui2
1 Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Lanzhou 730070, China
2 Key Laboratory of Road & Bridge and Underground Engineering of Gansu Province 730070, China

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Nonlinear hysteresis characteristics are usually utilized in the elastic-plastic seismic analysis of the structure of bridge. These characteristics may be described by the relationship of section bending moment and curvature. This relationship can be obtained by the section size and reinforcement, which is also a simple and time-saving method to evaluate the seismic behavior of the section. The research is conducted on the effect of section bending moment and curvature. Then, five different sections are chosen to observe their effects on bending moment and curvature. The results indicate that with the increase in section size, the crack, the yield, the moment damage and the curvature of the section also increase. The increase in section size refers to the increase in moment of inertia, so with the increase in the moment of inertia, the resistance to crack, field and damage of the bridge pier become stronger. On this basis, the elastic-plastic time history analysis of Wu Guan super highway Gan Gou Zi Bridge is carried out. It shows that the capacity of energy dissipation by hysteretic of the Rectangular thin-wall pier is better than the twin shaft pier. So it is best to use rectangular thin-wall pier in the same condition.

Keywords: Analysis of elastic-plastic, high pier, moment and curvature, seismic.