Research on Laser Measurement System for Underground Unmanned Load-Haul-Dump

Li Jianguo*, 1, 2, Zhan kai2, Li Hengtong2, Guo Xin2
1 School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology, Beijing, 100083, P.R. China
2 Mechanical Department, Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Beijing, 100160, P.R. China

© 2015 Jianguo et al

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A method of data processing for the laser measurement system (LMS) based on the software LABVIEW which is used for underground unmanned Load-Haul-Dump (LHD) is described. The background of the technology is recommended firstly, the characteristics of LABVIEW and LMS are introduced briefly. How to process the data from LMS using LABVIEW including the algorithm for decoding the data and the frame of programming thought is described in detail. The design of data processing system with a serial port debugging system is expounded. Finally, the system is applied on a model LHD and it is proved that the system has feasibility and wide applying prospects for unmanned LHD.

Keywords: LABVIEW, laser measurement system, LHD, serial.